The other creative process that Ian devotes loving time to is music and song writing. In the early seventies Ian performed on a weekly basis in coffee shops, cafés, live music venues, and festivals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Mackay, Cairns, Adelaide and Perth.

Many of these musical appearances also included spoken word and were performed under his other personna, ‘Nat the Hat’.

Ian had written more than eighty songs since first venturing into this realm at the age of nineteen when he first began guitar lessons. He commenced learning classical guitar but after only eight lessons decided to explore other methods and from then was self-taught which has allowed him to develop his unique style.

Two or three weeks after a traumatic event in late 2000, resulting in a breakdown, Ian picked up his guitar in an endeavour to lift his spirits. But there was no joy to be found because he could not remember any of his songs – the words and the music were gone causing greater distress. To this day the words and the music are still unknown to him.

But one afternoon while working with his so and relating the pain of ‘losing’ his music his son said, “Dad, you’ve still got your guitar, write some new songs.”

Over six years later, Ian has managed to work through the loss to come up with new songs in new musical settings with new skills developed in that time.

Currently, Ian is working toward recording these new songs & musical works and they will appear on this website in audio or video form over the coming weeks and months and will be downloadable.