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Ian commenced an interior design career in 1975 and has completed interiors for residences, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, motels, clubs and restaurants. He has also designed and manufactured numerous unique items of furniture. These include chairs and tables; lounge, bedroom and office furniture and designs for lighting, floor coverings, fabrics and wall-coverings.

In April 2002 Ian began developing ideas, skills and techniques as an artist. His careful selection and use of colour are clear expressions of the joyful approach to his art, creating works that are both enjoyable and adventurous. The intricacy of each work provides new discoveries with each viewing, whether by cursory glance or intimate study.

Through his original techniques and materials, Ian produces remarkable works of great strength and depth whilst possessing a delicacy that flows from an intimate knowledge and love of his selected medium.

His first exhibition was held in Melbourne in July, 2004 and was followed by an exhibition of new works in early December, 2004. During the months of March and April 2005 he had an exhibition of specially selected works at the convent gallery in Daylesford, Victoria.